Tonia Tkachuk

Android & Website Developer

I use the latest technologies to create Android apps and websites. I find each project to be unique and enjoy making useful stuff work. In my free time, I like to read or play with my son.


Look Counter

Simple, yet elegant app for counting how many times the screen was turned on or unlocked. The user can see numbers in the custom calendar or pause and resume the counting.


Example app that shows trending Android repos on GitHub. Written in Kotlin, using MVP, and many popular libraries, such as RxJava, Retrofit, Glide, Espresso, and others.

WiFi & Mobile Data Switch

Simple toggle widget for turning WiFi and Mobile Data ON/OFF.

AppBar scrollFlags

With the appearance of AppBarLayout and app:layout_scrollFlags, Android devs can customize how the AppBar behaves when you scroll the content. Just a few values can create a totally different effect.

Tonia's Tkachuk Portfolio

This is the current website that you're on ;) I built it myself from the ground up, using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Fryzjer Ĺšlubny Warszawa

The website that I designed and built for a friend of mine, using HTML, CSS, jQuery and Jekyll. Optimized for mobile devices.


& Talks Workshops

Android Support Lib

This is the talk that I gave at Mobile Warsaw 38 meetup. I talked about the usage of Android Support libraries, tips and tricks, as well as my predictios about Android dev future.

Android Workshops

Series of meetings and workshops related to Android, that I held for the employees of Mobica Ltd. These included topics such as greenDAO ORM, Google Play, Android N, Google VR SDK, highlights of Android courses and video channels.

Gradle in Android

This is the knowledge sharing session that I held for the employees of Mobica Ltd. I talked about Gradle build system, dependecies configuration, tasks, multiple build variants and flavors for Android projects.

What's new for devs on Android?

This is the article about the recent changes in Android platform, how it evolved over time and what the developers might expect in the nearest future. I wrote it for Programista (3/2017) - the most popular polish magazine for IT specialists.

Clean Kotlin code on Android

This is the article about techniques, libraries and best practices in Kotlin which Android developers should use in order to write consice and easy to read code. I wrote it for Lubelski Programista 11/2018-2019 magazine for IT specialists.

How to create an addictive puzzle game?

What is it about match-three puzzle games that make them so addictive? What kind of strategies game designers use to attract and keep players? I answer these and many other questions in my article for Gamasutra.